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checks for gun buyers. >> we do not have to agree on everything that we need to do something. mister obama acknowledges. a tough road ahead to pass an assault weapons ban. the president says, the ban on military- style assault weapons. and a 10-round limit for magazines should be implemented. john kerry -- served his first day in office as secretary of state today. he noted the death of four americans in benghazi last september, which included bay area native - ambassador chris stevens -- kerry says -- the safety of american diplomats will be a top priority. the former massacusetts senator is the first male secretary of state in eight years -- he also showed a lighter side today during his welcome at the state department. saying -- he has-quote big heels to fill. >> a film crew was in ridgefield, connecticut monday scouting out locations for a newtown- shooting-inspired movie. the made-for-television movie will focus on mental ilness. and the massacre's underlying cause. a gunman fatally shot 20 first-graders, six educators and himself in newtown's sandy hook elementary school in dec
that president obama is personally going to bulldoze something related to reagan, even if he isn't? and do you remember wing gate? it is the secret i am a muslim ring, the ring obama has been wearing for more than 30 years has the first part of the islamic declaration of faith. did i say the ring means he is muslim? no, i meant gay. it is a wedding ring, but it is a gay wedding ring, you can see why it would be confused. it is about the whole other theory that thinks he is gay, so the world thinks he is gay-married. others upset about this picture of the president throwing a football. in that corner of the right-wing media, president obama was not actually throwing a football in this photo.
acknowledges we should do something for background checks. reporter: after president obama says he does skeet shooting at camp david all the time, he enjoys competing with friends. it will impose stronger penalties for stock purchases. it is not clear how far the house is willing to go in president's proposal if at all. lou: mike emanuel, thank you. our chief congressional correspondent. our first guest tonight says that nablus may have seen a decline in murders, this to be his doing so without any laws that infringe upon the second amendment. joining us now is the research director at the athens institute . let's start with minneapolis. do you think that they have improved? we would like to point out again that minneapolis has almost twice the murder rate as the national average. >> yes, but that is better than it used to be around 1996. he made a lot of progress. as the president said, a variety of programs to try to keep young people from joining gangs. some of those have been successful. secondly, the state of minnesota enacted one of the strongest right to carry laws in 2003. that is an
of president obama. his endorsement in the pivotal period with the turbulence in turmoil early after south carolina, i think he would have been important inside the system as a push towards something bigger and would have pushed to have more connection to outside the beltway. obama it is now traveling on the country. he is forced to because of the election. if you sit inside the beltway too long and get in the backroom deals -- >> even movements can be cloistered. i remember a dinner during the george w. bush administration in southern california. it was norman lear and his wife, larry david, bob scheer. they were sitting around w eeping in their expensive soup about the fact that we were living in hell. rupert murdoch on the media. george bush was president. norman lear had his pulse on american culture for 30 years. why cannot figure out how to deal -- deliver a message that is important and happening? >> that is important. we can find messages that speak to people where they are. they can also have some satire like stewart or colbert. there is the idea of exposing with satire. it opens
. prime minister abe is expected to raise the issue with president barack obama when they meet later this month. they will go over something that's been a thorn in japan-u. relatis. threlocation of a u.s. military base. both governments want the plan to go ahead but the people in japan south aren't on board. >> reporter: they talk about relocating the station. >> translar: we must remove as possible, in accordance with an agreement with the u.s. government. >> translator: we want the base to be moved out of okinawa. >> reporter: okinawa is japan's southernmost prefecture. the island district comprises only 0.6% of japan's land but hosts 70% of the u.s. bases in the nation. for many, futenma symbolizes okinawans unfair burden in ensuring japan's security. this is the futenma air station. you see aircrafts, runway and if you turn this way, you can see how close the residential area of okinawa is to the space. in 1996, the u.s. agreed to return the futenma site to japan. masahide ota was okinawa's governor then. >> i was so happy, and -- but after one year or so, i was told that the, ev
our first lady michelle obama. a student and his -- in the class made an audio recording of the teacher. here's a portion. >> tell us, like -- [ indiscernible ] or something. you know. fat butt, michelle obama. and look at that she looks 185 issue 190 and she's overweight. >> the coach is suspended for 10 days for the comments and some other comments homophobic and he spoke. the teacher is barred from the class the rest of the school year to tannedness is tist training. >>> and coming up tonight, an historic gay marriage vote across the pond. find out when kate middleton plans to show off the baby bump in public. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. faster than mandy can hang up on mr. monday. you hang up first. [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. [ ringing ] it's on. let's roll. >>> time for some roy
something to the table. we don't need to wait for president obama which he will probably talk about. but republicans, surprise us. do something that's unexpected. you know? take a lead on something like immigration. why not? i think that's what they need. >> i think that is what they need. and compromise is not analogous to treason. thanks for your time this evening. and don't forget to catch krystal on "the cycle" week days at 3:00 p.m. right here on msnbc. >>> coming up, president obama's massive agenda. he's charging ahead. and tonight signs they're cracking in congress. >>> plus chris christie pays a visit to david letterman. why all republicans should watch it. stay with us. ♪ great, everybody made it. we all work remotely so this is a big deal, our first full team gathering! i wanted to call on a few people. ashley, ashley marshall... here. since we're often all on the move, ashley suggested we use fedex office to hold packages for us. great job. [ applause ] thank you. and on a protocol note, i'd like to talk to tim hill about his tendency to use all caps in emails. [ shout
that, look, they need more time before they can get a long-term solution. something that extends to ten years. of course, president obama will make the case that he believes any solution should include cuts and new revenues. that is something that republicans are staunchly opposed to. they believe they should avert the sequester through a series of cuts. so this is really where the big argument lies. it is where it has been for quite some time now. but that is what we expect president obama to come out and say when he speaks publicly, a little bit later on this afternoon. thomas? >> kristen welker, great to see you. thanks so much. we want to bring in this power panel for this tuesday. joining me is jackie kucinich, maria teresa kumar, and republican strategist, chip saltsman. we have a lot to talk about, gang. and i want to dive right in and talk about what the president will be doing in terms of immigration, and when then that what got the president re-elected is the obama coalition. maria teresa, you know this best of anybody, with the work that voto latino did. and as we look at the
't tnearu say. >> with president obama's popularity, he could do more. he could say it's try time to try something radical. a flat tax by the end of the year. work with me. >> you're right. >> he could do something that would amazing. >> greg says he doesn't want to. >> he's playing croquet. >> he did say i want to put back on the entitlement for provisions i proposed last year. that was a big deal. >> where did he propose them. >> john boehner. >> it was a backdoor meeting. >> he and boehner had an agreement and they couldn't sell it. >> what is great about being 26 is you can be unemployed and get free healthcare. if you had a job, you would have had it anyway. >> the most dangerous thing is jung people are sitting at home playing xbox and getting used to it. that is going to be all they know, which that's why down the road -- >> who is going to hire them in five years. >> i am. >> 95% of them are working. >> who's going to hire the other people that need jobs. >> there are a lot of people working in that group. you talk about black unemployment high, as is hispanics. among white colle
inaccurate. president obama reaching a white house milestone. but this one isn't something to brag about. we will tell you about it when we come back. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. troy polamalu's going deeper. ♪ and so is head & shoulders deep clean. [ male announcer ] with 7 benefits it goes deep to remove grease, gunk, and flakes. deep. like me. [ male announcer ] ad & shoulders de clean for men. ♪ please sir, i want some more. more? he has asked for... what? well he did say please... please and thank you. pass it on. >> we begin in japan. >> wow. chilling new video of the march 2011 nap yeez earthquake revealing the sheer panic. the powerful magnitude 5.0 quake caused. nearly 16,000 people died when it hit and triggered a tsunami. next in iran iran bragged about sending a monkey into space? is the president next? he volunteered to be blaste
does not do something automatic cuts take effect on march 1. president obama acknowledged today a budget agreement is not likely by then but is asking congress to pass a smaller package of spending cuts and tax reforms to delay the sequester until a long-term solution is found. >> proposals that i put forward during the fiscal cliff negotiations in discussions with speaker boehner and others are still very much on the table. >> solvinging america's problems starts with what every family does every month. they have got to do a budget. >> senate republicans say they will examine the president's plan but they also plan to introduce their own to avoid the first year of defense cuts by reducing the size of the federal work force through attrition. also, president obama will be visiting israel this spring. the president and israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu talked about the trip in a phone call last week. the white house says the visit is an opportunity to reaffirm the deep bond between our two countries and also provides an opportunity to talk about the way forward on iran an
. >>> we don't have to agree on everything to agree it is time to do something. that -- that is my main message here today. >> that was president obama today in minneapolis, once again urging congress to make a move on gun control legislation. but over the last 36 hours we've seen some actual shifts within the gun control debate. first, there was chris wallace's kind of amazing interview with the national rifle association frontman wayne lapierre, the 15-minute interview demonstrated he was not just out of step with the center but also some with the right. take the background checks, for instance, 92% of people favor the background gun checks, 85% support the gun checks. but lapierre called the background checks a fraud. >> i think what they will do is turn this universal check on the law abiding on a universal registry of the law abiding people, they don't want that. >> forgive me, sir, you take something that is here and you say it is going to go all the way over there. there is no indication, i mean, i can understand you saying that is the threat. but there is nothing that anyone in
:00 p.m. eastern. president obama will have something to say about the budget. he will ask congress to come up with tens of billions of dollars in short-term spending cuts to put off the automatic sequester scheduled to kick in on march 1st. live coverage of the president's statement on c-span.org. there is a news conference about gun trafficking being introduced in the house. we look at the issue of gun ownership from members of congress. host: there is a headline this morning. paul singer is one of the reporters. why did you do this survey and what did you find? caller: we thought that it was worthwhile to find out if members of congress are gun owners. we thought it was a worthwhile question to ask. they will be voting on gun control policy and we wanted to ask if they were actually gun owners, more or less in the same proportion as the americanswhat happened was the proportions were almost exactly the same. 2% of household reported had guns. the distinction in congress is that it is a very regional difference. many more republicans have guns than democrats, and by and large sout
and was returning from a visit to big bear lake. >> obama is calling for universal background checks, and limits to high capacity magazines. >> we don't have to agree on everything to agree it's time to do something. >> the president picked minneapolis for his news conference today, once dubbed murder opolis, because they were credited with bringing their crime rate to a 30 year low. >> as the saying goes, i have big heels to fill. >> after 28 years in the senate, john kerry arrived this morning at his new job at the u.s. state department. he received a warm and supportive welcome, he was quick to thank hillary clinton. he hit the ground running, speaking with leaders in the middle east, asia and mexico over the weekend. he is the 68th secretary of state but the first male secretary of state since 2005. >> sergio romo will not face charges. he was upset with tsa agents after failing to provide proper i.d. at a security check point. the charges carry the possibility of six months in jail and a thousand dollar fine, today, an aide at the clark county da's office said a screening panel decided to d
for gun control measures acknowledging it's never easy to change the status quo. he says something needs to be done to are. >> with popularity rating at highest in four years, president obama trying to rally public support for the gun control measure autos is there just one life we can safe, we've got an obligation to try. >> the president traveled to minneapolis because the city push to strictor background check autos you've shown progress is possible. and elected leaders. >> still common sense loss. >> after the newtown, connecticut shooting the president made gun control a top priority and wablts legislation limiting the number of rounds in a magazine clip. renew a ban on those so called assault weapons and require universe balance yal background checks. white house expected opposition from republican buzz have to win over democrats who have offered only lukewarm support. >> universal background checks we need to increase that. you can do things like restrictions on highqÁcapacity magazine autos i think that is something we have to take a look at. >> over the weekend, white house rel
program is something that has been, the bush administration and the obama administration say are authorized by the authorization of use for military force that s paed by coress. and the way that the obama administration is using that is that they're dropping bombs, targeting for killing of terrorist suspects in countries in which we are not at war, including yemen, including pakistan, including places in africa. there is no legal authority for these types of drone attacks. the u.s. cannot drop bombs on people in places that they cannot send troops. it is a mechanism, i think in my view, a political mechanism that says, "it is so much easr to talk about how the warare over anwe're brinng tops me d that we're not putting more troops in harm's way by dropping bombs" there's no legal authority for that. there's no judicial oversight for how they determine who they're going to kill and who they don't want to kill. there's a -- right after 9/11, there was this kill list, there were approximately nine people, al qaeda operatives that the military, the c.i.a. said that they wanted to
. so i think that what you saw with obama highlighting policies that have worked which is something -- this urban crime element is always -- huge part of what he talks about. he always adds it in. also a chance to show -- this is what i wrote about it. a chance to show that there's a lot more union animity on guns and gun control than i think the nra wants people to think in washington. because of polling and things like that. that's what obama was saying. there is a lot we agree on. the things like background checks. >> bill: we are going into a break. i think that's true, people outside the beltway. you and i did not see that unanimity at the senate hearing last week. we'll talk more about that. we'll be joined by frank rich, "new york" magazine next, columnist extraordinaire coming up in the next segment. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather de
president obama supposedly firing what appeared to be a shotgun. our allstar panel will take a closer look. and something about some football games. and finally does going into prison turn you into a criminal? the shocking answer you might have figured out when i did this tease last week. >> i have nothing else to say to you. >> then go away. >> i shall. >> let's welcome our guests. >> what can i say? i like to role play, people. the political commentator and her latest is called mugged. and if jokes were headlights he would have us all itching to get lid of him. it is joe derosa. glum and em loomy. glum and gloomy. and in canada he is considered a vacuum. and he knows bonds like i know wands. it is the wall street strategy ceo. >> a block. the lead. that's the first story. >> will a pigeon that is clay believe the nra? they have at some point touched an actual firearm. they were meant to quel cries after they told a new republic, a magazine that they not only had a magazine, but they shoot skeet. it is a nickname for fox news employees. >> noted their chief lobbyist, quote, he clearly doe
their senators and give them a piece of their mind. >> shep, definitely a grass roots feel to it. president obama says people may not agree on everything, but he believes we must do something. >> we may not be able to prevent every massacre or random shooting. no law or set of laws can keep our children completely safe. if there is even one thing we can do, if there is just one life we can save, we have got an obligation to try. >> while the white house admits gun control and some of these other components are difficult to do. they are not prepared to start giving up aspects of the president's proposal, shep. >> shepard: we know by now what the nra opposes. tell us what they favor. turn into a registry of law abiding people. calling for getting many many people the help they need. >> you have fixed the mental health system. the every police officer knows people on the street that should be institutionalized because they are out there walking around on the street. we need to change our civil commitment laws. we need to change the mental health system, fund it, make it work. get these people into t
to support president obama on anything, even if it was i love cookies day they wouldn't support it. so those republicans are gone. moderate democrats are gone. the pl president knows that in order to get something done in congress he's going to have to centrally be able to push it through whether there's an executive order or the only thing that will pass is something that republicanss can support because republicans are the ones who control congress. at the end of the day here's what i think is somewhat interesting. for republicans in congress these issues, guns and immigration, make them a stronger national party in the future because it helps them do better that mitt romney did very poorly: suburban moderate women voters and hispanics. yet if you're going to be elected as a republican in congress you really are not looking at that group of voters you're more worried about losing a primary and angering your base than grabbing those moderate and minority voters. >> suarez: is he well equipped given the national campaign to put that tremendous apparatus to work doing something? >> he's proba
that many republicans simply had to do something to stop it. well on friday, 43 g.o.p. senators sent a letter to president obama vowing to block any nominee to be director of the cfpb including current nominee richard cordray until the bureau is significantly reformed. or to put it another way until the bureau is significantly weakened. the according to senate minority leader mitch mcconnell that a bureau quote has unprecedented reach and control over individuals consumer decisions. but an unprecedented lack of oversight and accountability. joining me now is michael mislansk. author of "the language of trust." thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. >> john: glad to have you. explain to hey how anyone could be against the independent bureau designed to prevent fraud and abuse. >> there is plenty of regulation already. it didn't work. that doesn't mean that you add another agency to try to make it work. you have different perspectives here. democrats say let's put more regulation and more rules whether or not they're going to work. republicans are saying this isn't necessarily t
in self defense. >> president obama goes to minnesota and holds a round table discussion at the minneapolis police department and says they are doing something right with a 40% drop in gun related injuries. also spoke about universal background checks and banning assault weapons while surrounded by officers in uniform. passing an assault ban will be tough but still wants congress to vote on a ban. >> here in the district today we will learn more about the mayor's plans for this year when he delivers his address. comes a few days after the city has more than $400 million in budget surplus. that money will go into savings. mayor gray's speech is at 7:00 on i street. >>> also happening today in virginia the senate is expected to vote on a bill that would ban texting while driving. make it a primary offense carrying a $250 fine. right now ticketed you have to be pulled over for something else and only a $20 fine. >> new this morning, the dc region is number one once again for the worst traffic congestion in the country. according to the texas a&m study, the average commuter i
the number of young people injured by guns by 40 percent. >> flanked by police officers in uniform mr. obama asked the american people to press congress to take action. >> we don't have to agree on everything to agree it's time to do something. the vast majority of americans, including a majority of gun owners sport requiupport requir background checks for any one buying a gun. >> it will run into a registry of law abiding people. >> it is a fraud to call universal. it is never going to be universal. the criminals aren't going to comply with it. >> the super bowl ad for mayors against illegal guns funded in part by michael bloomberg goes after the nra for being for universal background checks before they were goiagainst the. >> i finally become convinced after fight to go get the mental records computerized for 20-years and watching the mental health lobby, the hippa laws and the ama oppose it. i don't think it's going to happen. >> a big question has been how far senate majority leader harry reid would be willing to go. read said he will move a bill in the senate but has a pro gun right vot
pain to standby and do nothing. >> welcome back to "hardball." today, president barack obama took his argument for gun control outside washington telling the minnesota crowd that the power was in the hands of all americans to get something done. it's not to get misguided rhetoric or let that confuse the issue. let's listen to some more from the president. >> tell them there's no legislation to eliminate all guns. there's no legislation being proposed to subvert the second amendment. tell them specifically what we're talking about. things that the majority of americans, when they're asked, support. and tell them now is the time for action. that we're not going to wait until the next newtown or the next aurora. >> well, the more that the nra looks like a bunch of dead enders, the better the chance that the president can rally the country. david corn's washington bureau chief and joan walsh, both are msnbc political analysts. joan, do you think wayne lapierre has lost it? he got a grilling on fox yesterday. let's listen to how he reacted. >> the president's kids are safe and we're all th
with a lead pipe or something. >> yeah. >> stephanie: and he was constantly threatening neighborhood kids and dogs -- >> why wasn't he apprehended a long time ago. >> stephanie: the president yesterday. >> obama: weapons of war have no place on our streets or in our schools or threatening our law enforcement officers. our law enforcement officers should never be out gunned on the streets. [ applause ] >> stephanie: and i'm listening to that thinking these anti-government types like this nut case, they don't want -- they think oh that's bad. oh, we don't want -- that's big government. what did they call it jack booted thugs. they are our cops. i want them better armed than criminals. okay the president. >> obama: tell them there's no legislation to eliminate all guns. there's no legislation being proposed to subvert the second amendment. tell them specific what we're talking about. things that the majority of americans when asked support. and tell them now is the time for action. that we're not going to wait for the next newtown or the nectar row are. we're not going
for the public's help to get congress to take action. >> reporter: president obama took his gun control message on the road. sitting down with law enforcement officials and community leaders in minneapolis. >> we don't have to agree on everything to agree it's time to do something. >> reporter: the president praised the minneapolis police department, pointing to the city's success in tackling gun violence. he's also trying to reach minnesota gun owners as he works to rally public support for his proposals to curb gun violence. >> i need everybody who's listening to keep the pressure on your member of congress to do the right thing. >> reporter: this is expected to be the first of several trips the president makes to put his plan outside washington. proposals for a new ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines are already meeting a lot of resistance on capitol hill. >> i have a hard time telling my constituents in texas that congress is looking at passing a whole raft of new laws when the laws that we currently have on the books are so woefully unenfor
. >> president obama is pushing congress to act on his gun control proposals. >> we don't have to agree on everything to agree it's time to do something. >> i pleaded with her urgently and said please wait, please wait, this isn't right. >> volunteers in a bay area animal shelter say dogs are unfairly being sent to their deaths. >> wonders what's the rush? why not give these dogs a chance? >> fans give the 49ers a homecoming fit for champions. >> they were happy to stand around for seven hours to get a glimpse of the team. >> we'll get it next time. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning. >> good morning. it is tuesday, february 5. i'm elizabeth wenger. michelle is off. >> i'm frank mallicoat. >>> a mother and child are victims of a hit-and-run drive in pittsburg in an intersection. they are all in the hospital. kpix reporter elissa harrington has more on the search for the driver who hit them. >> reporter: a sad story in the east bay. the family had been on an evening bike ride when they
officers, president obama urged supporters to call on congress to act. >> we don't have to agree on everything to agree it's time to do something. >> reporter: while both sides largely agree with a need for extended background checks, reinstating the assault weapons ban remains the most controversial effort. president obama is ignoring the nation's economic challenges, critics say. >> our economy could use some presidential leadership right now. >> reporter: immigration reform is critical, they say, to helping the nation's economy. those coming here to meet with the president, ceos from companies like yahoo! goldman sachs and coca cola. natalie? >> thank you so much, peter. >>> secretly laying out conditions for carrying out targeted killings of suspected american terrorists that are different than officials have explained publicly. according to a membero obtained by nbc news. it expands the definition of self defense and what qualifies as an imminent threat of violence and says that these cases are lawful killings and not assassinations. >>> let's head to wall street. cnbc's kay
.m. but this something they are closely -- but this is something they are closely monitoring. we will try to get more information, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> also this morning, president barack obama is helding meetings -- holding meetings on immigration reform. he is holding a meeting with ceos of major companies. the president wants to get input on immigration reform from all sides. secretary of homeland security janet napolitano is in san diego to highlight improvements in border security between u.s. and mexico and secretary of homeland security janet napolitano said the number of people attempting to cross is at a 40 year low. a senate proposal requires it to be tested before it could take affect. >>> happening right now in florida, the man accused of killing trayvon martin is in a courtroom. we are live in the courtroom, there are the pictures, george zimmerman, the suspect is facing second-degree murder charges for the death of trayvon martin. his lawyers are asking for a delay in the trial which is scheduled for june 10th. today by the way also would have been ayvon ma
graduate within six years. clearly, something's broken. according to president obama's former jobs council, by 2020, there will be a million and a half jobs without the college graduates to fill them. while there is persistent unmet demand of 400,000 to 500,000 job openings in the health care sector alone. recent reports indicate there are not enough skilled applicants to fill the jobs in the booming natural gas industry. suppose colleges provided perspective students with reliable information on the employment rate and potential earnings by major. what if parents had access to clear and understandable breakdowns between academic studies and amenities, what would those costs be? armed with this knowledge, they can make better decisions about where to go to school. students would have a better chance of graduating within four years and getting a job. helping students realize opportunity and a career while keeping tuition costs makes sense. there is a proposal which addresses this goal. and i look forward to working on this in pursuing legislative action in the house. over the course of this
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